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14kt Gold hinge ring : Elevate by White Raven

14kt Gold hinge ring : Elevate by White Raven

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While we curate our soul purpose into our daily living, we invoke the higher vibrations. We Elevate. Some things can do this for us, the Elevate is one of them. Simply by adding it to your being, your vibration is raised and you feel the elevation. We can do this through several means, meditation, gratitude practices, gardening, carrying crystals, getting our nails done, singing, dancing, having a  bath, following our joy wherever it leads us. And, we can simply wear that completely uplifting high vibration piece, curated with the intentionality of Elevating your Inner Glow. 

This piece is brilliant for : lobes and conch piercings. 

16g 10mm : See our sizing chart for reference. 

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