About Us!

Why we are here. 

  As we curate our soul purpose into our daily living, through our thoughts, actions and intentions, we invoke the higher vibrations. We Elevate. Some things can do this for us. Simply by adding them to our being, our vibration is raised, and we feel the elevated glow.
This is why we are here: to offer jewelry to Elevate Your Inner Glow. 

  Who we are.

  We are a purpose driven company of expansive vision and active gratitude. Our mission within White Raven Jewelry Co, is to curate top quality jewelry with the intention of Elevating Your Inner Glow. Literally. We believe that when we FEEL elevated, it creates a ripple effect of uplifting vibes to all the people, places and things around us. Our Vision is individual, community, and global. With every sale, we contribute to the individual, the local community, and to that of the planet.  

  How we do this.

  Individually, by offering high quality elevating jewelry to you! This is where it all begins. Each sale contributes to our community and global friends. 
  Locally, by donating to our nearest women's shelter, Rowan House. You will also find us collaborating with neighboring businesses to raise funds to help our local food bank and community hall.
  Globally, to that of the planet as a whole, by planting a tree with each online sale. We have already planted over 1,200!
And we see this as just our beginning. As our community and forest grow and our business expands, we are only planning on dreaming bigger as to the impact we can offer to each other and our planet.
Thank you for visiting our site and being part of something bigger! We feel blessed to have you and we are excited for the opportunity to Elevate Your Inner Glow! 
 The White Raven team.
We will be adding new products often and cleaning up our finishing touches over the next few months. Please let us know if you have any questions!